Reconnecting The Dots
Adult Day Care Program
4415 18th Street - Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

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Other services by our Registered Nurse:
 Medication administration, Insulin/B12 Injections  and Wound Care

Coming Soon!!
Reconnecting Hearts, Personal Home Care Services

Welcome to our Personal Home Care Services an extension of our Adult Day Program. We realize that some patients due to disabilities, cannot leave their home. So we are providing a services to come to you!
We understand that these days, most people are busy with other responsibilities and though they would like to, sometimes its not always possible for some to stay at home to care for their aging parent, bedridden spouse or disable adult child. This is where Our Home Care Services can help you and your loved ones.
We provide a wide array of affordable and personalized non-medical home care services for people 18 years and over. It is our goal to address your needs, and to provide the assistance that you need so that you can continue to live a happy independent life at home.
  • Trustworthy caregivers. Entrusting the are of your loved one to another person is not always easy. When you partner with Reconnecting Hearts Home Care, you can be assured that our caregivers are qualified, trained and rigorously-screened.          

Education For the Community

Our goal is to increase the quality, availability, and effectiveness of educational and community-based programs design to prevent diseases and injury improve health, and enhance quality of life.